King's College London

When King’s Business School achieved its goal of becoming the 9th faculty of King’s College London, they needed a new site that matched their new stature. Fast. The brief came in during the summer and the website needed to go live at the beginning of the new term in September. The existing text hadn’t been looked at properly for years and was highly repetitive. Added to which the academics we needed to talk to were on holiday!

Fortunately, they had a brand new web design featuring interesting page templates to work with – and an enthusiastic marketing team to give us the information we needed. Within a couple of months we managed to get the site up and running with over 100 pages of new content designed to engage prospective students.

What we did

  • Implemented the University’s new vision into the tone of the updated copy
  • Simplified the academic language for a broader audience
  • Created consistency across content from different departments and researchers
  • Suggested ideas for fresh content to keep the momentum going


100 pages written

20 interviews

1 deadline kept


“We are confident that our incoming and returning students are going to find the all-important information they need faster as a result of ATM’s work.” Kevin Cheshire, Marketing and Communications Manager