Arts University Bournemouth

Every year, school leavers pick up and throw away thousands of lavishly produced prospectuses. They know they can find the information they need online. With our design partners Bond And Coyne, we were able to create something much more engaging.

Instead of an unread brochure style prospectus, the new AUB prospectus is a wrapped deck of interlocking cards that students can slot together and create imaginative structures. Our copy is short and evocative, designed to capture the spirit of AUB.


What we did

  • We created a manifesto to capture AUB's specialist skills and kick start a more passionate tone of voice.
  • We wrote for their target audience of school leavers and parents – paring back the academic jargon.
  • We supported the 'house of cards' prospectus with something more conventional for international students.
  • We ran workshops with the AUB team to help them take the tone into other communications.

And the results?

  • Applications have increased by 26.81% vs a sector average of 7.41%
  • The website and prospectus won the industry’s top awards at HEIST
  • The ‘house of cards’ prospectus is now in its third year





" A Thousand Monkeys have a knack for capturing the spirit of AUB in a way that students and parents can connect with - removing academic jargon without removing the seriousness of what we do. "

Simon Pride
Marketing Director AUB