Helping a very big telecoms company connect

Over the years we’ve worked for one of the UK’s Biggest Telecoms (we can’t say who). They do amazing stuff. But sometimes the fascination with technology can get in the way of communicating clearly with their customers.

We’ve worked on everything from phone brochures to case studies, web videos to presentations, to help them make better connections with their customers.

What we did

  • Video streaming. We wrote scripts for 'whiteboard' video to explain complex business services.
  • Case studies. We interviewed business owners to discover how the products and services made a difference.
  • Brochures. To promote different mobiles to business folk, we wrote a series of brochures highlighting the benefits.
  • White papers. To explain the far reaching affects new technology has for business we interviewed experts and wrote white paper and insight pieces.
  • Radio ads. We wrote scripts to promote a new website service aimed at small businesses.

And the results….

Are classified.

However, we can say that the tone of voice booklet we wrote with over a hundred stories has been used in workshops for over 3000 staff.

That the video streaming we wrote is still running several years on into the project

That the case studies we wrote are still online after several years too.

So we must have been doing something right.