Helping publishers turn page turners into best sellers

Publishing houses may have big budgets, but each individual book only gets a limited slice. So publishing marketers have to work extra hard to get their product noticed in a highly crowded market.

We ran six Sharper Copywriting workshops for Pan Macmillan, training over 60 people from a range of roles, from publishing to editorial, marketing and digital content.

We prepped the course with examples from their writers to help us show where they could strengthen their writing. Then ran a pilot session to establish the format and, off the back of very positive feedback, ran the other five sessions.

We shared techniques that helped the team break out of stereotypical habits and avoid ‘we’ve always done it like that’ syndrome. And helped the teams create copy that improved impact on Amazon, connected with trade sellers, and made memorable shoutlines.

What we did

  • Ran six workshops with more than 60 marketers at Pan Macmillan
  • Created exercises that helped teams think creatively under pressure
  • Analysed existing trade comms to help improve impact
  • Illustrated examples of publishing marketing best practice



“It was a brilliant creative brainstorming session and I have a toolkit of techniques to take forward with copywriting.”
Martha Burley, Senior Editor

“Great! Really good. Fun and with takeaway gems to put into practice.”
Grace Gleave, Assistant Editor

“It was great. Made me think about the books I write about so often from a completely different perspective.
Veronique Watt, Editor, picture books and preschool

“Enjoyable. Lots of good tips to improve copy as well as ideas to help avoid cliches and think outside the box.”
Sarah Arratoon, Senior Marketing Manager