Mercedes Benz

A quality car benefits from quality writing

We worked with several agencies to give Mercedes-Benz the copy their outstanding autos deserved. We got under the hood of the business in more ways than simply cars – we wrote about trucks, vans, aftersales programmes, recruitment and even business plans.

Having worked with Mercedes-Benz over several years we understand the cycles of the motor trade. and how to retain customers through servicing deals, information and accessory sales. We also helped recruit technicians with several campaigns.

What we did

  • Wrote press ads for trucks and vans.
  • Created interactive content for a service booking site.
  • Highlighted benefits of their accessory programmes.
  • Engaged lapsed users through targeted mailers.
  • Reached van drivers with beer mats!

Mercedes-Benz agencies we’ve worked with include: MBA, DMC, Ignition








It wasn’t just the writing that impressed us. It was the thinking behind it.

Tim Moss