Beyond Autism

Taking copy beyond ordinary for an extraordinary charity

Beyond Autism helps autistic children lead fuller lives. Their approach allows children with severe difficulties to make sense of a confusing world. We were delighted to write copy that broadcast their great work to an unwitting world. With small budgets it’s crucial that they make every word count. One of the parents at the school is a documentary film maker and we were lucky enough to work with him on a script for a film that was screened at the Royal Society.

What we did

  • Captured their story with a positioning statement for their website.
  • Created a fundraising brochure with an evocative cover line they were able to use across other media.
  • Wrote a speech for their CEO to introduce Stephen Hawking at a gala evening at the Royal Society
  • Scripted a video to be screened before Professor Hawking's speech and used at future fundraising events.
  • Wrote a fundraising letter to follow up the event at the Royal Society.


The evening at the Royal Society raised £25,000


The evening was a phenomenal success. Thank you for writing me such a wonderful speech. It was extremely well received and I am getting lots of praise!

Karen Sorab
CEO of Beyond Autism