Meet the team

Richard Spencer


Richard sharpened his thinking and writing as a copywriter at some of the world’s top ad agencies (and some lesser ones). Richard leads our workshops and makes most of the tea.

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Joanna Crutcher

Client relations manager

Joanna is a running fanatic. And we struggle to keep her still. She’s constantly chasing chances to make copy compelling and racing around to meet potential clients.

Monkey Word


An embellishment or ornament in speech. We specialise in the elimination of flosculation for the purposes of elucidation.

Chris Silberston


As a former fundraiser Chris knows the words that separate customers from their cash. Having studied music at Oxford he also has an ear for rhythm and flow.


We’re posh enough to use teapots, but low rent enough to enjoy tea in mugs. We won’t put the kettle on if you’re passing as it will be on anyway.

Nick Baines


Nick brings a smorgasbord of experience as a food and travel journalist. He's helped us pep up bland copy for a range of clients from luxury travel to universities.

Hayley Cherrett


With a degree in psychology, Hayley knows which phrases push people's buttons. Her persuasive skills have come in handy for clients as varied as universities and beer.

What’s in a name?

Let’s just say that lots of monkeys + lots of typewriters = lots of writing. Hopefully we’re a bit more successful than the primates in this classic Bob Newhart sketch.

Rozi Hathaway

Account Manager

Detail demon by day, illustrator and comics creator by night. It’s Rozi’s challenge to keep our team of writers organised so we deliver work on time and on budget.

Adele Richards


Adele is a regular and works with us on a wide range of projects. She’s a bit of a whizz with everything from direct mail to websites. She smiles even when we ask her to work on recycling amenities and funeral parlours.

Our Home

We’re based at Factory Studios in Bournemouth’s artistic quarter (at least that’s what they told us). More importantly, we’re well placed for trains and great coffee shops.


Stimulus for writing is catered for by some super cafes in stumbling distance. Some of them even have wifi so we can pretend to work at the same time.

Monkey Word


We’re inclined to agree with Alexei Sayle that anyone who uses the word ‘workshop’ outside of light engineering is a bit of a t**t. But ours are really quite good.