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People can’t get enough of us. Not just writing, but in the flesh. We’ve got more clients booking copywriting workshops than we can manage. So we need another writing trainer to help us run our sessions.

We’re looking for an experienced copywriter, who’s also run training sessions for marketing teams. We’ve got a tried and tested day-long workshop that gets great feedback, so we’ll be able to give you a very solid platform on which to air your own copywriting knowledge.

You’re probably a freelance writer looking for something to get you out of the house and meet people. At the same time you’re something of an evangelist for the dark arts of persuasive writing.

The sessions we run are predominantly with marketing teams, but we also work with business writers and customer service teams. So you need to be able to turn your hand to a wide range of writing challenges from copywriting to content, tone of voice to complaint handling.

Above all, you need to be engaging enough to develop a good rapport with people over the course of a day. We’re only as successful as our last feedback form, so we work hard to make sure people have a really inspiring and informative day.

See the world and earn your fortune (well, some of it)

We run workshops the length and breadth of the UK, from London to Edinburgh, Nottingham to Belfast. You’ll need to be able to travel and stay overnight (we cover those costs). And some locations will mean you have to drive.

The workshops won’t be every week, or even every month, but the rates for good trainers are much healthier than those for actually writing!

Interested? Then let’s meet. Drop me a line at richard@athousandmonkeys.co.uk, giving me an idea of your copywriting background, any training you’ve run, and why you think you’d be the right person to keep our feedback forms fizzing with compliments. And, if you’re going to CopyCabana in Bournemouth, say hello on September 27th.

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