What’s the perfect length for a blog post?

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I have pondered over this for a long time. I’ve always been a stubborn supporter of short, snappy blog posts. But is there a place for long blog posts too? Or will short posts keep the reader coming back for more?

There’s no need to be blunt – or ramble

If you can say it in 200 words then you probably should. But if the reader is going to expand their understanding of a new topic then a 2000 word post might be better suited to the task. If you’re trying to teach the reader something they have no previous knowledge of, summarising it in 200 words isn’t going to have much of an impact.

Google thinks bigger is better

Search engines seem to prefer a higher word count. Google thinks shorter blogs are ‘thin’. The highest-ranking articles on Google are around 2,000 words. But if your content is always lengthy will it be consistently engaging? Google doesn’t take into account what people like on social media and what will gain the most interaction.

Consistency is key

When exploring blog length, a common theme crops up. Blog length depends on the frequency of posting. If you’re posting every other day readers get used to you posting regularly and like something short and regular to read. If you post weekly, you should consider making your blog posts longer and more in depth.

Your blog = Your brand

You need to always remember your blog is part of your brand. If you’re writing a long post here and a short one there, it seems slightly odd. Do you discuss topics that need to be talked about in depth or could they be put into 300 words?

Tip: if you’re trying to increase your blogging to increase your online presence, the length to get the most shares and likes is (supposedly) 600-1,250 words.

So is there a perfect length?

In short, no. I liked the argument that you shouldn’t focus on word count but instead time. 7 minutes to be precise. That’s how long it should take someone to read a blog post. Suggesting we shouldn’t be put off by the short attention spans of our readers.

Blogging is constantly changing and evolving. Which is why the debate over blog length remains unresolved. But should any writing  be confined to boundaries or rules? Some stories are written in newspapers and some are written as novels. So write your blog post to suit your brand and take whatever blog tips you read online with a hefty pinch of salt.

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