Sharper Business Writing

Who is the workshop for?

We run sharper business writing workshops in-house for:

  • Businesses that want more successful presentations and proposals
  • Report writers who want to draft high quality reports quickly
  • Technical experts who need to communicate with a non-technical audience
  • Business teams that need a consistent approach to their writing

Quality report and proposal writing without the stress

The business teams we work with are experts in their field, not writers. They often struggle to communicate brilliant ideas or hard work when it comes to reports or presentations. Our 5-step approach to business writing helps them conquer the blank page and create high quality documents to tight deadlines – without stress. Which has got to be good for business.

Benefits of being a sharper business writer

  • Your ideas and work get better results
  • You save time and stress – so you can focus on your role
  • Teams work better together with an agreed approach
  • Boards and senior teams appreciate increased clarity
  • You can guide junior colleagues’ writing more effectively