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How to create web copy your audience will be glued to.

Free webinar | Friday 23rd September, 12pm

It takes time and energy to get visitors to your website. Whether your audience has come via email, search or social, you can’t afford to let them down with boring or badly written web content.

Our tip-packed, one-hour webinar, Content that Connects, shows you how to make the most of the opening lines, eye catching copy and emotional hooks that keep visitors on your pages.

This webinar is for you if:

  • Your web copy needs a boost of energy or engagement

  • You commission content from writers who don’t deliver

  • You’re in marketing but have to write your own content

  • You need a fresh injection of inspiration

  • You struggle to find new ways to say the same old things

  • You’re on a treadmill to supply new content

On 23rd September, you'll discover how to:

  • Create great intros that grab attention

  • Become a more creative, visual writer

  • Harness the power of curiosity

  • Use headings more effectively

  • Be your own Search Optimisation Engine

  • Avoid common template traps

In this fast-paced, one-hour workout you’ll discover the simple techniques that help you write better more compelling copy for your website. 

For an hour at 12pm on Friday 23rd September, you’ll enjoy a session packed with tips on turning insight and strategies into great copy.

What our clients say about our web copy:

A Thousand Monkeys are fantastic to work with: attentive, diligent and always ready to dig deeper into the brief to ensure that we as the client get exactly what we were after.

Marketing & Communications Manager

King's College London

We’ve had lots of great client feedback. We’ve won work off the back of it and got more client meetings in the diary so definitely worth it. We’re drip-feeding the stories out on social which is going down well too.

Marketing Consultant

Anthony Collins Solicitors

A lunch hour well spent:

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wwwhat do we know about writing for the web?

We’ve written sites from one-page wonders to 1000-page monsters. In between, we’ve created compelling pages for brands and businesses as varied as law firms and pasta sauces, universities and tech platforms, paint brands and cars.

We’ve written email journeys for billion-dollar businesses that generate leads. Shown big brands how to keep customers hooked for long-term nurture journeys. Helped boost applications with compelling copy. And transformed stilted complaint handling into something human and engaging.

Sign up now for our free web content writing workout.

This is a unique opportunity to learn an approach to writing web copy that makes the most of your website.

If you think your team would benefit from a longer session on invigorating your web pages, check out our Sharper Copywriting workshop page.