How can we help?

We could have called this page, ‘what we do’.

But what we do isn’t necessarily what you want.

So this page is about you.

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Here are the six most common reasons people get in touch​:

1. You can’t nail your story.

Is your mission statement a mish-mash, are your values visibly lacking? You know what you want to say but you can’t quite articulate it? We help clients find the words that bring brands to life, define stories, and capture elevator pitches.


More on how to write your manifesto here

2. You’re brilliant, but no one’s noticed.

You’ve got a fabulous product or service, but your content is a bit, well, meh, filling a box, fulfilling a word count. Inoffensive? Yes. Effective? No. Where there is indifference, we’ll grab attention. Where there are features, we’ll bring benefits. Where there is a cop-out, we’ll bring a call to action. Where your emails are unopened, we’ll bring clicks. Lickety-split.

3. You sound like everyone else.

Being clear and sounding human isn’t a tone of voice.

That’s just good writing.


We’ll help your brand find a genuinely distinctive voice. We’ll capture it in guidelines that everyone can use – not just the folk in marketing. And we’ll make sure your customer service team sound like they work for the same brand as your web content.

Read our tips on mastering your Tone of Voice

4. Your copy sucks.

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Probably because it’s been written without thinking about the reader. Or because your website has been a dumping ground for your subject experts. Or because your team’s idea of ‘professional’ is inextricably linked to verbal diarrhoea. Or because you’re so in love with your own jargon, it’s become a blur of acronyms and technically-based linguistic delivery assets.

How we helped England Golf sort the green from the rough

6. You’re stuck for words.

Suffering blank page syndrome or a feeling that inspiration has deserted you? Our writing workshops are designed to make sure you’re never lost for words again. Packed with useful tips and strategies, our fun and informative workshops help you build a toolkit approach to tackling writing challenges. You’ll leave confident, productive and inspired. But don’t take our word for it.

Check out our workshops

5. You’ve got too much to do.

You’ve got a great team but even they can’t deliver the tsunami of content and social the omnivorous multi-channel comms beast demands. Think of us as your right hand (and left hand) content helper outers. We get your tone of voice. We get digital. And we get persuasion.


1000 page website to deliver in 3 months? Pah. Simples.

See how we brought clarity and impact to

Bournemouth Borough Council

Can’t see what you’re looking for?

We do all this too:

sales emails / websites / video scripts / brand language / infographics 

direct mail / direct response letters / social media ads / Google ads

blog posts / think pieces / white papers / sitemaps / posters / TV ads

radio / press ads / flyers / positioning pieces / straplines / booklets 

press releases / guidelines / plain Englishing / packaging / reports

interviews / case studies / team bios / business plans / beer mats

Email us your brief and we’ll tell you how to get the results you’re looking for.