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Ditching print for digital

Middlesex made the bold move from a traditional print prospectus to a refreshing digital guide optimised for mobile. Not only would it appeal to the student audience who expect everything to be online, but this approach would help Middlesex stand out from the competition, save money on printing and be more sustainable.

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Research revealed 76% of people accepting their place at Middlesex used the website as their main source of information. With this in mind, the team asked us for help creating a scrollable microsite with interactive elements.

But condensing down information into bitesize chunks would be tricky. They wanted to cover obvious areas like location and campus and highlight other key services for mental health, career advice, and financial support.

What we did

Created a streamlined structure

It’s natural to flick through a print prospectus rather than read it cover to cover. But as a scrollable page, the copy needed to flow and take the readers on the journey from curious browser to MDX applicant.

Worked alongside design agency

Wirebox were selected to design the digital guide. Working with the team at every stage, we made sure the design elements and copy complemented each other throughout the entire guide.

Highlighted key messages

A theme can tie a whole prospectus together. And it was no different for this digital guide. We used one-word headlines to capture the attitude of the University and its students.

Captured student and academic voice

Word counts were limited due to the nature of the guide. Student testimonials and Q&As with academics supported the key messages and emphasised the diversity and attitude towards PG learning at Middlesex.


Exceptional printmaking rooms offering silkscreen, lithography, monoprint, wood and lino cutting, etching and drypoint options and these will be part of our blended learning approach available where possible.

The results

The digital guide is live. Our gut feeling is potential students are going to love the modern take on a prospectus. But only time will tell.  We look forward to seeing what the data from analytics reveal.

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