• Hayley Cherrett

Copywriting under the microscope for alumni relations at Imperial College

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Imperial College London boasts the most fantastic roster of science and engineering alumni. The challenge for the alumni relations team is how to keep this global community engaged with the College.


Having recently launched their own social platform for exchanging ideas and memories, the team were keen to find out more about using email to promote this and other initiatives.

We tailored our Sharper Copywriting workshop to show where more persuasive writing techniques could inspire the team to greater heights of copy creation. In particular, we looked at emails, dissecting them to the microcopy level of sender, subject, preview and call to action. You can read more about the techniques we explored in our post ‘How not to let your email die in the first centimetre’.

“A really fun day, kept us all engaged all day. Great balance of interactive work.”

The room for the day was a little on the small side! Fortunately, our sessions are flexible enough to work in a variety of environments, so we broke out into bigger spaces for exercises on profiling, structure and headline writing. As ever, our Fantabulous Thousand Monkey Generator proved to be a hugely useful tool for creating short-form copy for everything from social posts to flyers.

One of the key challenges facing a team talking to a wide audience of different ages and nationalities is how to manage tone of voice. We delved into the opportunities a clear tone of voice can offer an in-house team of writers and started to define what that might sound like for the alumni team at Imperial. By putting their own copy under a forensic lens, the team were able to begin finding a consistent voice for their communications.

“A really nice interactive session with lots of tasks and exercises. It didn’t feel like a lecture.”