Royal College of Occupational Therapists

RCOT campaigns on behalf of 30,000 members. Connecting effectively with audiences as varied as politicians and students is critical to their work. To boost engagement and impact, RCOT invested in a more vibrant and dynamic tone of voice as part of revitalising their brand. And asked us to bring that to life in a series of workshops. 



Refreshing a tone of voice is one thing. Bringing it to life is another. As a campaigning organisation in complementary health, RCOT had to overcome the twin hurdles of technical medical language and wordy obfuscation beloved by politicians.


At the same time, they wanted to reconcile having a more human tone of voice with a level of professional expertise. The tone had to straddle serious lobbying comms with the upbeat conversations of social media. 

What we did

Added practical advice to their values

We added more tips to the guidelines to help their teams write on brand.

Created workshops

We found examples and created exercises to show how the values could be used in a practical way. Every Tone of Voice workshop is by its very nature a bespoke creation. 

Ran copywriting workshops too

What you say is just as important as how you say it. We ran extra sessions for the marketing team to illustrate persuasive writing techniques that added oomph to their messages.

Followed up with more support

We created a dedicated recording for people who couldn’t make the session or new joiners. And a crib sheet of tips for instant reminders.

Enjoyed the fact that we could apply what we were doing to our own example of writing we'd brought to the workshop.  


Research & Development Assistant

The results

We trained over 70 people in four sessions. The feedback was extremely positive and we look forward to seeing new output from the organisation. We’ve also been asked to help create new copy for RCOT – putting into practice what we’ve preached!