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Sharper Copywriting Online

Transform your persuasive writing skills in one day

Thursday 21st October 2021. Tickets start at £350 + VAT

When you've got brands to build and deadlines to meet, you can’t afford writer's block. Your customers aren't waiting for you to feel inspired.


So we designed Sharper Copywriting to make sure you’re never stuck.


If you're a copywriter or marketing professional who's tasked with getting ads written, content uploaded, or posts posted, this workshop will help you become a more creative, more productive writer.

With Sharper Copywriting you will never be:

Stuck for ideas or inspiration.
Lost for words.
Beaten by writer’s block.
Defeated by a deadline.

In short, this fast-paced, one-day workshop gives you the tools and techniques you need to beat being stuck and take your persuasive writing skills to the next level.

We’ll help you get inside your customer’s head and press the buttons that generate bookings, or likes, or awareness, or opens, or sales. 

We’ll take you waaaay beyond the copywriting basics of shorter sentences and starting others with ‘And’.

All between 9:30am and 4:30pm on 21st October for a measly £350 + VAT (if you’re quick enough to get the Early Bird). Full price £475 + VAT.

"Interesting refresh into writing copy and reaching your audience. Quick, easy and useful tips to use and apply in my work. Sparked my interest in copywriting again!"

Lydia Polom

Digital Marketing & Comms Coordinator, University of Essex

Your copywriting toolkit. Build it here.

If you’re stuck, you’re not being productive or creative. So we’ve designed Sharper Copywriting to break you out of any jam. Over the course of the day, we’ll show you how to build a toolkit of tried and tested techniques that cover persuasion, psychology, messaging and more. By the end of the day your toolkit will include:

  • Classic sales clinchers

  • Rapid headline writing strategies 

  • Behavioural copy tips

  • Rhythms that sell

  • Strapline speed-dating

  • Go-to persuasive structures 

  • Fast-forward planning techniques

  • Copy checks for impact

Top 9½ benefits of the day

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2- Creativity boosted.jpg
5 - More confidence.jpg
8 - More energised.jpg
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6 - Less push back.jpg
9 - It's fun.jpg
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"Really enjoyed the workshop. Great ideas and tools that are useful in the future"

Satu Silvennoinen 

Events Admin, Capsticks

Who is Sharper Copywriting for?

  • Marketers swamped by demands for copy

  • Brand owners desperate for more awareness

  • Copywriters looking for inspiration

  • Content writers who want to master persuasive techniques

  • In-house writers searching for new ideas to keep things fresh

The day is split into 4 sessions packed with quick-fire exercises and discussion:

At a glance

Module 1: What makes readers tick and message stick?

What are readers really like? We’ll show you how to get under their skin more effectively with persuasive copy techniques ranging from better benefits to irresistible behavioural triggers. By building a toolkit of ideas, you’ll never be short of ways to engage your audience.

Sign up now for Sharper Copywriting

This is a unique opportunity to learn an approach to creating great copy that will save you time and boost creativity. 

While we run hundreds of copywriting workshops direct to business, we rarely run open sessions to a wider audience.

If you’re keen to progress your copywriting skills, but your team is too small to run an inhouse session, 21st October is your chance to start writing better copy than ever.