Sharper Writing Online

We’ve been running our Sharper Writing workshops for over 15 years. They’re fun, informative, tip-filled sessions, that help people become more confident, creative and persuasive writers.

And now we deliver them online too.

Online isn’t second best, but it is different. So, here are some ideas to help you get the most out of your session.

Book shorter and sharper sessions

Many of our workshops are packed with content for a full day of training. But a whole day is too long to focus on a screen – you need more energy to concentrate. So we suggest sessions of between 1.5 and 3 hours based on the modules for each workshop.

Popular timeslots include running a series of shorter lunchtime sessions. Or a day split over two three-hour sessions a week apart.

Tell us your challenges

We believe you’re buying a workshop not a webinar. Rather than a one-size-fits-all talk, we base our online sessions around your specific challenges. We’ll prep the session based on your feedback and work from the team or the brand.

We’ll ask to see a range of writing from within the brand or business to give us a feel for the issues involved – and to help us create relevant exercises.

Come prepared to join in rather than sit back

To keep everyone engaged, we make the sessions as interactive as possible. That might mean sending out advance material or pre-workshop exercises. And using all the online platform tools such as breakout rooms for smaller groups, polls and quizzes and encourage use of the chat function.

What to expect on the day (or night!)

As we all get used to the world of Zoom, or Teams, or GoToWebinar, we’ve found people are pretty relaxed online.

Don’t worry if your kids, pets, partners wander into shot unexpectedly – that’s just part of the world we find ourselves in these days.

For the most part you can switch your camera off and we’ll mute you. But we always make time for questions. And we encourage people to use the chat function as much as possible – there’ll be two of us on hand to help moderate that.

Depending on the workshop, we may break you into small groups or pairs to discuss a subject or do an exercise.

The only big catch is you’ll have to make your own tea and coffee.

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"Very engaging and relevant - tips to try out immediately!"

Imogen Buller, Communications Officer
Arts Council England

A very interesting and thought-provoking session. I'll certainly be putting some of the techniques into practice.

Kelly Williams, Marketing Manager