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Unstuck is our free webinar on beating writer’s block and being a more productive creative B2B writer or marketer.

Wednesday 18th October 2023, 12-1pm (BST)

Ever stared at a blank page and wondered what on earth you are going to write?
You’re not alone. Every writer, no matter how talented, has had that sinking feeling.

But if you’re in marketing or sales, you can’t afford to be stuck. You need to hit deadlines, clinch deals, submit proposals.

In our free webinar, Unstuck, we’ll share 3 ways to beat the block and help you become a more productive and less stressed writer.

Who is our writer’s block busting session for?

  • Marketers swamped by demands for copy

  • B2B proposal writers who want to clinch deals

  • Content writers struggling to keep it fresh

What will I learn?

In this fast-paced, one-hour workout you’ll discover techniques used by pro writers to stay productive and creative.

Blank page syndrome busters:

Don’t get it right get it written

We’ll show why worrying about spelling and grammar are not helpful to good writing.

Second paragraph head start

If beginnings are difficult, don’t start at the beginning. 

Visual planning for speed

Unleash your inner scribbler and doodle your way to faster writing with our visual planning insights.

Unlock your writer’s toolkit

More techniques mean more ways to solve the problem mean less time being stuck.

Top 8 benefits of the hour

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4 - Productivity increased.jpg
7- It's fun.jpg
Top 9 ½ benefits of the day - new 2.png
5 - More confidence.jpg
8. It's free.jpg
3 - Deadlines.jpg
6- More energised.jpg

"Interesting refresh into writing copy and reaching your audience. Quick, easy and useful tips to use and apply in my work. Sparked my interest in copywriting again!"

Digital Marketing & Communications Coordinator

University of Essex

"Really enjoyed the workshop. Great ideas and tools that are useful in the future"

Events Administrator


Unstuck will give you the tools you need to:

  • Get going quickly

  • Hit deadlines with ease

  • Create well-structured writing

  • Banish the block

Sign up now for our free B2B writer’s block beating webinar

This is a unique opportunity to banish the fear of writing, save yourself time and boost your creativity.

If you think your team would benefit from a longer session on copywriting skill in general, check out our Sharper Business Writing pages.

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