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Alfresco is the world’s leading platform for business content management. Their innovative solutions help businesses run more effectively. They asked us to help create emails that generated more sales leads and run workshops with their sales teams to improve the quality of their writing.

The challenge

Like any tech company, one of Alfresco's biggest content challenges is to focus more on the benefit to the user, and less on the product features. Past emails were verging on boastful, so we had to find a new approach.

What we did


We wrote a series of sales emails and landing pages designed to generate sales leads.

White papers

We polished the quality of their opinion pieces and white papers. Often written by technical experts, these documents benefitted from persuasive writing techniques to bring the intelligence alive.


We ran workshops to help the team develop a range of persuasive techniques they could use to generate more leads.

We worked on tone with the team to create a more natural, but still an intelligent voice for the emails.

Tone of Voice

“This was a great campaign for us – we’ve generated 1000 white paper downloads so far – and I really think the focus on not selling Alfresco, but the usefulness of the content assets that we agreed was the right way to go.”

Alex Truby, Global Campaigns Manager


An Alfresco partner since 2007, Micro Strategies implements Alfresco solutions for a broad range of industries with specific expertise in Financial Services, Legal, State and Local Government and Healthcare. They have 20+ years experience in ECM and BPM and have partnered with SharePoint as well as with Alfresco for many years. Micro Strategies pride themselves on remaining product-neutral and offer analysis of the key differentiators between Alfresco and Sharepoint.”

The results

The repositioned emails have been working well. Lots of downloads means lots of leads for the sales team to follow up on. And with our in-depth knowledge of the brand, Alfresco know they can turn to us for new copy at a moment’s notice.

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