Q: What’s the worst thing that can happen to any writer?

A: Getting stuck.

It can happen to anyone. Marketers with tight copy deadlines. Execs with urgent reports to deliver. Copywriters with killer headlines to write.

Our Sharper Writing Workshops are packed with tips and techniques to help you get past being stuck, embrace inspiration and become a more persuasive, more productive writer.

Online or in person?

If you’re thinking, ‘we’ll wait for the pandemic to blow over and then have a live writing workshop inhouse’, it might be time to think again.

Partly because live training might take a while to come back.

But also, because there are many advantages to running the session online.


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Meet the head of training

Richard Spencer has penned ads at the UK’s largest ad agencies for the likes of Virgin, Kellogg’s and Rolls-Royce. He knows which words cut to the chase, the funnybone, or the chequebook.