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Q: What’s the worst thing that can happen to any writer?

A: Getting stuck.

It can happen to anyone. Marketers with tight copy deadlines. Execs with urgent reports to deliver. Copywriters with killer headlines to write.

Our Sharper Writing Workshops are packed with tips and techniques to help you get past being stuck, embrace inspiration and become a more persuasive, more productive writer.

Wondering what happens at our workshops?


Sharper Copywriting

Typing on a Computer

Sharper Emails

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Sharper Copywriting for Universities

Audiovisual Conference

Sharper Business Writing

Customer Support Agent

Sharper Writing for Customer Service

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Sharper Skills: online mentoring

Or in person?

We’re very flexible when it comes to training your team. 


We’ll come to you if you prefer us to be there in person – there’s definitely a chemistry that happens ‘in the room’ that helps bring writing alive.


Or, if it’s easier to get the team together online, our sessions on Zoom have proved really popular. A half-day whizzes by with plenty of interactive exercises and group discussion. We’ve even run day-long sessions without any sign of Zoom fatigue!

Meet Richard, your trainer

As an award-winning copywriter from the pre-digital era, Richard has taken the persuasive techniques and compelling wordsmithery into the world of content and email.

Since founding A Thousand Monkeys, Richard has formed a crack team of content writers and project managers capable of delivering stellar web content for the likes of King's College London, Sacla pasta sauces, or the Arts Council. Keen to help others write sharper, more persuasive web content, he delivers writing workshops for marketing teams and content writers challenged with meeting the rapacious demands of the digital comms beast.

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