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Why choose A Thousand Monkeys?

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We’re a copywriting agency that specialises in creating persuasive and compelling content that helps our clients get the results they're looking for.

We get asked about our name a lot. Let's just say that Mr Burns in the Simpsons has a lot to answer for. Beyond the creative name choice, there are some more practical reasons to choose us as your copywriting partner:

  1. Years of experience. We've been creating persuasive copy for clients since 2010. As a team of writers, we're bringing over 60 years of writing experience to your project.

  2. We're a team. We're not a virtual, smoke and mirrors operation of freelance writers. We work closely together (in the same room quite often). Not only have we got each other's backs, we've got yours.

  3. We're responsive. As a team we have the strength in depth to respond to urgent jobs and make sure our clients get the work they need when they need it.

  4. Quality control. Your copy or content has been through rigorous scrutiny before it gets to you. Our processes check every piece for creativity, clarity and persuasion.

  5. A complete service. From the insightful strategic thinking that informs our work to the proofreading that ensures every 't' is crossed and every 'i' dotted, we can support you at every step of your persuasive writing journey.

  6. We're happy to share. Copywriting isn't some mystical art. It's success depends on tried and tested techniques that we're happy to share with you through our newsletter or workshops. We're just as keen for you to create great copy too!

Not quite a thousand monkeys

RS web.png

Richard Spencer

Chairman and Founder

Richard founded A Thousand Monkeys after a career in the UK's top ad agencies creating award-winning headlines and TV ads. With a crack team of writers at his disposal, Richard focuses on the more strategic aspects of brands and their language. He also leads our training programmes, creating engaging sessions that help teams master persuasive techniques or their brand’s tone of voice.

HC  web_edited.png

Hayley Cherrett

Senior Writer

With a degree in psychology, Hayley knows which phrases push people's buttons. Her persuasive skills have come in handy for a wide variety of our clients  – from pony charities to pasta sauces. Her writing adds impact to every conceivable kind of copy, from newsletters to news articles, web copy to social media - and more.


Kathryn Hudson-Cook

Senior Writer

When she’s not ghost-writing family autobiographies or researching the next mountain to hike, Kathryn enjoys the heights of formulating content strategies and crafting copy for more platforms than you can shake a keyboard at. With a background in coaching before pivoting into the world of marketing, she is very aware of the power of listening and using the right words to get results.

JC web.png

Joanna Crutcher

Managing Director

Joanna is a running fanatic. At work, she’s constantly going the extra mile to make sure our clients haven't missed any opportunity to promote themselves through more compelling copy. A fully certified CIM member, Jo understands the challenges faced by marketers and where our copy can help them stand out from the crowd.

RH web_edited.png

Rozi Hathaway

Project Manager

Detail demon by day, illustrator and comics creator by night. Her spreadsheets are a wonder to behold, and keep our team of writers (and clients) organised so we deliver work on time and on budget. In between Google sheets, Rozi keeps our social schedule on track.

Lindsey Russell.jpg

Lindsey Russell


One day Lindsey had an epiphany – she would leave her life as a linguist behind and use her expertise to rock the world of communication. Ever since this revelation, she’s become exceptionally speedy at seeing what makes services special and sparking action in all types of audiences.

CS web_edited.png

Chris Silberston

Creative Director

As creative director, Chris oversees the quality of our work and makes sure we offer consistently, top-notch copy and content. Chris started his writing career in fundraising - so he knows what it takes to part a donor from their dollar. When he's not creating persuasive copy, Chris specialises in B2B clients who demand insight and attention to detail in equal measure.

Michaela square.png

Michaela Dudfield

Head of Marketing

Seen a funny post on our LinkedIn? Received an email about a taster session? That was probably our marketing genius Michaela. She loves to test new ideas to promote events and drive brand awareness. In her last role, she even launched a podcast covering everything from emerging trends to new tech.

AO web_edited.png

Ally Oakes


Eagle-eyed Ally is a professional member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP). Fancy, right? It basically means you can trust her to spot silly mistakes and raise anything that doesn’t read quite right.

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