The answer is ‘Yes’.
Now, what do you need? 

Putting the customer first is at the heart of all persuasive copy. So, we’d rather ask ‘what do you need?’ rather than tell you what we do.

From content to copy, blog posts to emails, headlines to videos, here are the 6 copywriting challenges we’re most frequently asked to tackle:

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1. Strategic stories that stick

B2B products and services are complex and abstract. Concrete, storytelling language sticks - and make what you do relatable, memorable and powerful.

Positioning your brand or business in the mind of your reader is critical in an age of information overload.

‘Clarity of thinking leads to clarity of writing’ as they say at The Economist. We bring strategic insight to every project and help B2B brands tell their story more effectively. We ask the hard questions that help businesses find the most engaging and inspiring way to sell their tale. 

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Good for:

Positioning, mission and vision, manifestos, brand narratives, storytelling.


2. A distinctive tone of voice

Language is your most undervalued brand asset. A distinctive tone of voice helps you stand out from the crowd. Not just for quirky drinks products but hard-hitting B2B brands too.

We’ll help you define and deliver a style of writing for your business that strengthens your brand. And we’ll train your teams, giving them the confidence to write ‘on brand’.

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Guidelines alone are not enough. Tone of voice workshops will help embed a fresh, consistent way of writing with your team.

Good for:

Bringing an existing tone of voice programme to life, creating a well-defined and distinctive voice, putting the brand at the heart of your business culture.


3. Hard-working web content

We make sure every element of every page on your site works as hard as possible.


That means creating great content, adding to the client experience and working with the design team to get the most out of every pixel. Whether your project is one page or one thousand, we know what it takes to hook readers and keep them on your pages.

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Write visually. Your reader is looking for information, fast. Break it up and manage your reader’s attention.

Good for:

Website refresh, sites from scratch, microsites.


4. Effective emails

What results are you looking for? Sales, awareness, downloads or leads? We create emails that nurture customers over a whole journey - including e-newsletters that keep audiences informed and engaged.

We understand that successful email campaigns are about more than just opens. We write content that gets attention and generates clicks.

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Emails live or die in the slim window of opportunity that is your client’s inbox. Pay attention to the preview and first line as well as the subject line.

Good for:

Sales emails, newsletters, nurture emails, ecommerce.


5. Powerful headlines

We create ear-catching headlines, campaigns and straplines that combine wit and insight for maximum impact.

Need a fresh pair of eyes (or several) for a crucial campaign? More help for a big pitch? Or sharper lines to promote your business? Our words help B2B brands cut through the clutter.

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B2B brands often focus on the detail without the hook. Get your reader’s attention first place, then deliver the facts.

Good for:

Digital ads, social, press, posters, direct mail, straplines.


6. Incisive think-pieces

The facts don’t always speak for themselves, sometimes they need a helping hand. We make specialist pieces more engaging to read. We’ve written white-papers for clients as varied as telecoms, IT, government and education. We even write think-pieces for ourselves.

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The market is flooded with reports. A compelling title may make the difference between being downloaded or deleted.

Good for:

Insight pieces, blogs, articles, whitepapers, reports.