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Once upon a time, we wrote a little booklet for leading healthcare lawyers, Capsticks. They wanted to break away from the traditional stuffy brochure and create something that gave clients an insight into their down to earth approach to problem-solving. With top designers, David Carroll and Co. we wrote short sweet copy without a trace of fusty legalese. The booklet has proved successful for a number of years. It’s a great example of print and web copy working well together for a business: the website contains all the important, nitty-gritty detail, while the print can afford to be more emotional and tactile. Print helps make the connection, web delivers the goods.

The challenge

The comfortable way for many lawyers to show their expertise is to use complicated words. But Capsticks knew that approach wouldn’t cut it. We had to sift through the jargon to get to the heart of the story in a way that appeals to customers.

What we did


We wrote the small but perfectly formed booklet Inside Out to capture Capsticks unstuffy approach to complex legal issues.

The future

We developed the concept for the next booklet and a fresh set of words to be printed soon.


Interviewed senior experts and partners as part of writing the new Business Solutions brochure and web pages.

We have trained individuals from Capsticks on our popular open Sharper Copywriting workshop, allowing them to get a taster of knowledge without a full company training programme.


"Really enjoyed the workshop. Great ideas and tools that are useful in the future."

Satu Silvennoinen, Events Admin


A small booklet (A6 or a bit smaller) is a great size for something like this. We've worked on a lot of similar projects over the years, and we even have our own little booklet. It feels nice in the hand and stands out from all the A4 brochures people usually get swamped with.

The results

The original booklet has definitely stood the test of time. Just the right size to take to a meeting or post to clients, it's been a valuable resource for the team.

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