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Gleeds is one of the world’s top construction consultancies. They provide the advice and expertise that makes million, or even billion, dollar building projects happen. But their website didn’t reflect their global class. With a new build by digital designers Decibel, we were asked to make sure the content lived up to the new style. Having run a copywriting workshop with Gleeds marketing team, they trusted us to capture their skill and professionalism for a world wide web audience.

The challenge

In the construction world, trust and relationships are vital. And a website is the first step on that journey. We needed to get across the complex, expert nature of the work in a simple accessible way. And we needed to do it over and over again, for all different aspects of the business.

What we did


We ran a lively and informative writing workshop with Gleeds UK marketing team.

Web Content

As a direct result of the workshops, we were asked to write over 100 pages of their new website.


We interviewed over 20 directors and subject experts to write informed copy for the new web pages.

We simplified complex business insights for a demanding audience - without losing intelligence. This also defined the Gleeds Tone of Voice and values.

Tone of Voice

"Many thanks for all of the copy you’ve sent through this week, that’s fantastic. It’s really nice to see some values that don’t include integrity or excellence! They feel inclusive and have that bit of personality about them, which is great."

Rebecca Ayrton. Corporate Communications Manager


The results

gleeds copy.jpg
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