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Hoburne Holidays

There’s never been a better time for staycation holidays. Warmer weather, uncertain exchange rates, more activities. But outside of school holidays, Hoburne still had plenty of vacancies to fill. How could better print and digital copy help them fill the ‘shoulder season’ and grow the business?

The challenge

Even in the digital era, brochures are vital to holiday sales. The existing copy was lyrical on locations but not pushing the benefits of a Hoburne break – especially off-peak. The web copy followed a similar pattern – and wasn't effective in directing folk to book. With a new print run booked in weeks and a new web design on its way, a fresh take on copy was needed.

What we did

Got specific

We switched bland phrases like “lots of things to do” or “fun for all the family” in favour of specific examples that told the reader exactly what they could expect from a Hoburne holiday.

Changed the focus

Existing copy focused on the classic British bucket and spade holiday. To help boost shoulder season bookings, we sprinkled seasonal references and more benefits throughout.

Improved search

We know exactly the phrases people search for. The company tasked with optimising our copy couldn’t find anything to change!

Whether it was encouraging them to look at the park maps, or scroll through the calendar of local events.

Nudged customers towards booking online

"Reviewed the copy for ​the Naish landing page and it looks fantastic. We have no commitments or amends. It's a good amount of content and contains the local keywords/variations of these, as you'd expect but is very organic."

Luke Littleboy, Senior Account Manager at Adido


Located just outside Christchurch in Dorset is Hoburne Park. Renowned for its intimate and exclusive feel, this park offers a great base for exploring the local beaches and the nearby New Forest National Park.

The results

A well-made brochure is something to be proud of. And we're proud to have been involved in this one. The copy now brings the destinations to life and that's got to be good for bookings!

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