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King's College London

King's had elevated their Business School to faculty status and wanted a makeover of their existing web pages. The old design had accumulated an eclectic mix of styles over the years and the copy wasn’t fit for purpose.

The challenge

We had precious little new copy to work with, but more detailed text was needed in several instances. With experience in writing for similar institutions, such as University of Nottingham, we were able to capture the right blend of gravitas and accessibility.

What we did

Worked with the team

The turnaround time was too fast to have any meaningful conversations with the design company, and there were structural issues we had to get on top of in terms of telling the story. But the team at King's were very open to our suggestions.

Kept an array of stakeholders happy

We worked closely with the marketing team to develop a new approach to the copy. At the same time, we were also able to put the new Vice Chancellor's agenda of a connected London institution more squarely in the spotlight.

Wrote copy

We covered most of the aspects of studying at the school: social, undergrad and research. We changed the tone for different areas, but kept a purposeful business-like note to keep everything in line with the main agenda.

We continued to work with the team to explore new ways of looking at familiar problems. Now they can share their knowledge with new team members and always have tips and techniques to come back to.

Trained the team

“A Thousand Monkeys are fantastic to work with: attentive, diligent and always ready to dig deeper into the brief to ensure that we as the client get exactly what we were after.”

Kevin Cheshire, Marketing & Communications Manager (Business School) at King's College London


By becoming a corporate partner with King's Business School, you will benefit from our prime central London location, cutting edge research, passionate expert staff and the heritage of King's College London.

The results

As we were working over the summer holidays, we had no access to the teaching staff or researchers. But despite being fairly ruthless with the existing text, we haven’t had requests for changes to the text.

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