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Stories with social impact for Anthony Collins Solicitors

Anthony Collins Solicitors are different from other law firms. For their team, it’s not all about the money or competing against each other. Instead, they measure the success of their work by the positive impact it leads to in people’s lives. To celebrate their stories with a social purpose, they decided to publish their latest social impact report as an engaging set of stories online.

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Social purpose is at the heart of everything Anthony Collins Solicitors do – and that makes this annual report a big deal. It’s a fantastic opportunity to share great work with the wider world, let the rest of the firm know what they all do, and act as an inspiring recruitment tool. However, writing these accounts in the past had often become bogged down in the legal process rather than the very human dimension. Our job was to find the real story. 

What we did

Looked beyond the legal

While it was important to describe the legal points involved, we really wanted to know what impact the work had. How did the work benefit clients? What did working on the account mean to the Anthony Collins Solicitors team? What were the results of the work?

Interviewed the team

We quickly agreed the best way to write the stories would be to hear them from the lawyers themselves. From local government specialists to partners, experts from across Anthony Collins Solicitors talked to us about their cases and who they’d helped as part of the project. 

Captured their purpose

We interviewed the senior partner and lead partner in the private client team to get under the skin of what being a firm with social purpose meant. We created a page that gave a snapshot of the three key areas of impact: people, communities and society.

Worked with the designer

We worked closely with the designer, David Carroll, to agree the best way to showcase the stories. By stripping back unnecessary elements and focusing on a hero set of stories we helped create an impactful landing page that took visitors through to more stories.

Created an engaging tone

Lawyers aren’t known for the most straightforward language. ‘Lawyerese’ is a common complaint! The stories were an opportunity to create a warm and human tone, without diminishing any of the expertise and commitment that the team brought to their projects. 

“We’ve had lots of great client feedback. We’ve won work off the back of it and got more client meetings in the diary so definitely worth it. We’re drip-feeding the stories out on social which is going down well too.”

Marketing Communications Manager

Anthony Collins Solicitors

The results

We interviewed 22 fee earners to create 26 stories. Sharing the stories with clients for approval became a great way to reconnect and check in on progress – and clients were happy to be videoed for the stories or lend quotes. An internal soft launch, sharing stories with staff was very popular. And as soon as the site was fully live, reports are that it has helped with new business.

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