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Across-the-board copywriting support for Civica Central Government

Civica make software that helps deliver critical services for citizens all around the world. Their clients range from local government to central government, in sectors from education to health and care. But the UK Central Government team needed support to communicate their solutions succinctly. They asked A Thousand Monkeys to help create a range of new materials – from web copy to sales brochures – that would show potential clients the transformative impact Civica could have on their organisations.

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The challenge

When the team decided to focus their offer to central government organisations, they realised that a lot of copy had to change. But more importantly, they needed a new way of talking about their solutions. Simply editing existing content wasn't going to cut it.

What we did

Website copy

The Central Government pages of the Civica site were out of date and not something the team were keen on sharing with clients. New web pages were essential to complement the updated content we helped create for the sales and marketing teams.

Email journey

We created a set of emails that introduced Civica Central Government and its solutions in a straightforward way – highlighting the key benefits of working with Civica and how they can help government organisations overcome their challenges.

Propositions and naming

The Central Government team had some great ideas about the direction of the solutions – our job was to put that into words. After collaborative video calls to define an approach, we created a proposition statement for Application Transformation, a key solution area.

Sales and campaign materials

Even the most skilled sales teams need supporting materials to help convert prospects into clients. But the Central Government team were relying on a complex slide deck that didn’t do the Civica propositions justice. For the Application Transformation campaign, we created a concise yet comprehensive Health Check guide that would help the sales reps become even more effective.

The results

It’s too early to tell if the work has brought in new business. But the clarity this project has brought to the Central Government services will benefit everyone – from the sales teams that need to talk about the products to the customers who want to understand what’s possible.

Civica Central Government web page copy
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