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Monkey puzzle answers for 2023


1.  AI

That's what Collins chose. Is it a word? Certainly topical as Cambridge chose 'hallucinate' referring to AI's ability to confuse itself and create gibberish.​ The OED plumped for 'rizz' which nobody other than the publisher's teenage children seemed to have heard of, but apparently is a shortening of 'charisma'.

2.  Romania

An interesting take on giving 'zero fucks'. While Hungarians would say 'Even the dog isn't interested'.

3.  Wordle

Christmas Day will be Wordle 919. Congrats if you're still on a winning streak.

4.  The Guardian

Now she's gone rogue, she probably applies the same criticism to Daily Mail readers.

5.  Oil or gas

Naughty Shell managed to create an ad about green energy without mentioning what they really specialised in.

6.  Mononym

Does this apply to Boris too?

7.  Lilt

Now rebranded as Fanta Pineapple & Grapefruit. It's just not the same.

8.  Kenergy

One word really can be better than two. We like 'anticipointment': the letdown after hype gives way to reality

9. Norwegian and Swedish

Probably because it's too cold to say anything longer.

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