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Creating content for the King’s Student app

Many universities are seeing the value in going digital first. With this in mind, King’s College London wanted to create an app to connect with students on and off campus. With an ambitious plan, their student and education team turned to us to help them take action and create content for the launch and beyond.



We use apps for all aspects of our life, from managing money to keeping up with friends. And students want the same in their university experience. King’s wanted to create an app where they could share events, success stories, information about support services, and more. But for any app to be a success, it needs to consistently deliver content and connect with users.

What we did

Prepped for launch

From information pages and posts to events and benefits, our team of writers quickly turned around a vast amount of copy for the app. We also supported King’s by writing headlines for promotional posters to be displayed around campus.

Planned content

Our project management team created a content plan to keep the momentum going following the launch. King’s staff were able to view this so they could identify gaps and see how their content was going to be shared.

Provided ongoing services

We were responsible for posting content directly to the app and attended meetings with various service leads to share our knowledge of writing for the student app.

Trained the team

To prepare the team for taking the app back in-house, we created a writing guide for the app with tips for producing successful content and provided in-person copywriting training.

“Support from A Thousand Monkeys was invaluable for launching the King’s Student app. Their expertise in crafting impactful messages for our wide range of student audiences was vital for driving and sustaining engagement – they’ve helped us build a strong foundation for future success.”

Associate Director of Student Knowledge & Information

 King's College London

Stats - January 2023

  • 13,550 total users

  • Interactions with the newsfeed are up to 22,598

  • Interactions with notifications are up to 74,534

The results

The launch in September 2022 was a success with 10,000 downloads in the first month, regular use and positive feedback from student groups. A few months on since launch nearly 90% of users still use the app after 14 days, which is in line with their estimations.

And this is only the beginning – we’re gearing up for phase 2 and phase 3 of the app development which will unlock more features. The team also extended our initial three-month contract for a further six months to guarantee consistent content.

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