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Persuasive emails for PLD

PLD provide mentoring software to organisations including the NHS. The product has clear benefits to users, a back catalogue of useful content to draw on and a management team open to testing out new marketing ideas. The team wanted external input to make sure their emails were reflecting the high standard of the product.

Using a Touch Phone


The PLD team needed an email nurture journey to get new leads for their sales team to follow up on. The emails had to show people why mentoring is so important – and present mentoring software as a way of achieving their goals. But busy executives get hundreds of emails a day. An email promoting a new product has to work hard to cut through the noise.

What we did

Planned the campaign

We worked with the director of PLD to plan out an email nurture journey. Each email was themed around a particular area of strength for PLD, for example reverse mentoring.

Introduced a solution

We highlighted the benefits of mentoring programmes and gently introduced people to the product that can help them with the process – PLD.

Reused valuable content

We suggested subject lines that grab attention and calls to action that made the most of PLD’s existing assets.

Evolved the strategy

Over the campaign we tested and refined the approach to find a copy style that works for their audience.

"We have had a couple of leads through from it already so that is a great start. As it is only 24 hours since it went out, these results may go up even further next week, but even as it is, the opens are up from the November email (9.84 %) total clicks are up from 8.07% and unique clicks up from 4.18%, so great work all round."

Director, PLD


  • 6.54% click through rate on email 1 (the highest ever for PLD)

  • 2 sales leads from email 2

  • 9.38% unique clicks on email 3 (3 x the previous month)

  • 59.41% open rate on email 4

The results

The very first email in the campaign received the highest ever open rate for PLD at 6.54%. Every email performed well, meaning more potential clients have discovered the benefits of mentoring and mentoring software. We’re looking forward to seeing the long-term impact of the campaign as these leads turn into sales.

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