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Launching e-commerce with traditional values

Having pioneered pesto in the UK, Sacla' wanted their new website to reflect their expertise in authentic Italian foods – and to promote their online shop, offering everything from staples to hand-crafted goods imported direct from the motherland.


The challenge

Sacla’ had two ambitious projects happening at the same time. A new website is complicated enough. But on top of that was a whole new range of Italian delicacies the team were adding to their online store.

With the Christmas shopping period looming in the near future, time was a critical factor. We got cracking on over 150 product descriptions in 30 categories, 12 ‘meet the maker’ profile pages, and a host of recipe landing pages and navigational items.

What we did

Captured the tone

Ecommerce can lead to a pile-it-high-sell-it-cheap tone of voice. We ran workshops with Sacla' to get the balance of Italian authenticity and persuasive sales just right. All in strictly limited word counts.

Added flavour

Not all the site was ecommerce. Meet the Maker pages are lyrical accounts of the amazing people behind the products. Our copy helped bring those page and more to life, Italian style.

Wrote for SEO

Although Sacla' had an SEO agency in support, our writers understood the questions readers would ask and wrote with that in mind – neatly covering the SEO terms.

Planned efficiently

Effective planning on a site of this scale makes all the difference. Our project management team scoped, prioritised and made sure the writers delivered ahead of schedule.

The results

It’s still early days for the analytics. But the site is looking great. Everything launched on time, with a full complement of new products ready for order as soon as it went live.

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