Tone of voice development

Need help with your TOV? You’re in the right place. We have a tried and tested process to develop values and a voice that’s right for your audience, helps you tell your brand’s story and achieves results.

Step 1: Chat

We’ll ask you to introduce yourself and tell us what you’re all about. We need to paint a picture of where you’re at the moment and what you want you’re aiming for.

At this point, it really helps us to see some examples of your current comms and for you to tell us about any other guides you like the look (well, sound) of.

Step 2: Meet

To make sure you have senior stakeholders buy-in, it can help to run a session that explains the principles behind a distinctive tone of voice and how valuable their input is.

We’ll manage the session to encourage lively debate but focus on the end result – 2 or 3 values that prove useful to writers.

3. Reveal

Then it’s over to us to work our magic! We’ll write a document that includes the rationale for the TOV and the selected values. Be prepared for some back and forth – we want to help you get these right!

We’ll give you some ideas for the format too. And ask if you’ll share it as a PDF or if you plan to print it for your team.

4. Craft

With the values, creative title, and a structure approved, we’ll start writing the guidelines.

We’ll breakdown pieces of existing or made up examples to show how the Tone of Voice can be used. We’ll also add in before and after examples for a number of different comms – emails, web pages, social media.

5. Train

Tone of voice programmes don't succeed without training. A half-day workshop for a wide variety of your team is what we normally recommend.


We would create and run a series of lively workshops that embed the new tone of voice with practical exercises.

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