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Social media campaign

UCAS were launching a new online hub designed to advise, inspire and guide students. To raise awareness and encourage sign-ups, the marketing team decided to create a social media campaign across their main channels.

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The challenge

Students thinking about post-18 education are bombarded with messages about picking a career path. For UCAS to get their attention, they needed a fresh way to inspire students. With plenty of experience engaging students at this critical stage, the team turned to us for help. 

What we did

Concept creation

The team had an idea of what they wanted the ads to look like, but they needed a concept for the copy. After proposing a range of ideas, we agreed on “Organise it. Design it. Make it yours.”. This central line was used to inspire the posts and bring consistency across platforms. 

Crafted social posts

We wrote posts for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter promoting the UCAS Hub as a centralised place for students to research universities, apprenticeships and conservatoires. The posts focused on how to break down big decisions into small fun choices.

Wrote supporting copy

To support the social media campaign, we wrote emails for students and teachers. These encouraged students to set up their profile and explore the handy features, from a tariff calculator to personal statement builder. As part of this, we also provided a selection of subject lines for AB testing.

The results

We defined what success would look like – sign-ups to the new UCAS Hub. With this in mind, we knew clearly communicating the benefits of the Hub, explaining how to sign up and testing different call to action options would be key.


The launch was rapidly approaching so turnaround was tight. But with a variety of different headlines for ads, the design team were able to create an attention-grabbing set of posts.

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