Our clients don’t want copywriting or content. They want sales, or awareness, or loyalty, or bookings, or donations, or likes.

So that’s what our words deliver.


This way for tips and techniques on copywriting, content, tone of voice and more


This way for style improving, blank page busting, headline generating, training sessions

Monkey who?

We’re writing specialists.

But we’re not obsessed with fancy words or grammatical pedantry. We’re much more interested in what words can do.

We call it ‘applied copywriting’: a toolkit of persuasive techniques that make words do amazing things.

Whether you need a website or a white paper, a banner ad or a beer label, our insights will make your copy work harder.

We work with some of the biggest brands in the world.

And some of the smallest.

Either way, we help them extract every scrap of value from the words they use.

Now, what do you want your words to achieve?

Everyone has values. We thought we should too.

  1. Getting to the point isn’t enough if the point isn’t interesting.
  2. Clever thinking beats clever writing.
  3. Better ask awkward questions than make rash assumptions.
  4. No one likes a grammar pedant.
  5. Abandon traditional media at your peril.
  6. Make every word count.
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What they say

  • Who would you recommend the course to? Everyone!

    Hannah Leverett, Digital Marketing Officer, Arts Council England

  • Having the best lecture ever about brand language and tone of voice – the guest speaker is phenomenal!

    Bournemouth University student

  • It wasn’t just the writing that impressed us. It was the thinking behind it.

    Tim Moss, Ignition

  • Enjoyed it. Informative and not ‘stuffy’. Lots of visual learning which works for me.

    Angel Attenborough, Lush

  • Just wanted to say thank you for the session this morning, I really enjoyed it.

    AUCB Tone of Voice workshop

  • I loved the idea!  We met with the client yesterday morning and they loved it too.

    Juliette Mauve, Felton Design

  • Thanks for getting back to us so quickly. We really like the overall tone and content of the copy.

    Rebecca Lathams, RLA

  • Enjoyed the tips and honesty about our own examples. Much needed for us to reinvigorate our copy.

    Liz Mulcaster, Air New Zealand

  • Richard Spencer is a great copy writer.  He made a significant difference to our ability to reach a wide range of entirely different audiences with clarity, creativity and aplomb.

    Kathy Gale, Quick Reads

  • @a1000monkeys thanks for having me at your wonderful gathering of winning wordsmiths! Love, Ronan Tweeting. #WNC2013

    David Levin, Keynote speaker at Who Needs Copywriters? conference

  • Very good (and I’ve been to a few!)

    Tessa Hallet, Kent County Council

  • Brilliant – Richard you are a genius!

    Carly Marsh, Senior Marketing Officer The Arts University College Bournemouth

  • Just to say thanks for an excellent day and the opportunity to meet many energetic, interesting and creative people. I came all the way from London and it was worth it!

    Words that Sell conference guest

  • Good, practical and confidence- boosting!

    Heather-Fiona Egan, Hampshire County Council

  • For over 20 years Richard has generated ideas and structured messages for us… and he’s pretty good with words too.

    Roger Felton, Felton Design

  • A really interesting and informative day that has got me thinking and questioning again. Thanks for reinvigorating my enthusiasm for copywriting.

    Molly Whitehead- Jones, Code Computerlove

  • I thought the Who Needs Copywriters? conference was fantastic. Last year was great but this easily topped it. I’m definitely looking forward to next year.

    Who Needs Copywriters? conference delegate

  • Really good day. I found the session informative and engaging.

    Charlotte Leith, Schuh

  • It was a fantastic event. The spread of speakers was well considered, and hearing from a variety of specialists was entertaining as well as inspiring.

    Words that Sell conference guest

  • The evening was a phenomenal success. Thank you for writing me such a wonderful speech. It was extremely well received and I am getting lots of praise! Thank you also for all the work you did on the film, it was a huge success too.

    Karen Sorab. Founder of Beyond Autism.

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