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To avoid being just another brochure, Bucks wanted a magazine-like approach for their 2019 prospectus. This clever idea lets potential students browse through courses by theme, reading about the departments and faculties, as well as related courses they might not have thought of. But to pull it off, Bucks needed some great copy.

The challenge

The new prospectus grouped subjects into themes. So the copy had to bind all these degrees together into an overarching narrative. And the magazine approach needed a careful balance of practical information and linguistic flourish. On top of that, the print deadline was fast approaching.

What we did

Organised the project

The copy was based off existing text from previous years. To accurately scope out the project we split each section into a category – “needs major work”, “needs a light edit”, or “write from scratch”.

Reviewed existing copy

To cut costs and speed up the turnaround time, we used some of the existing copy where we identified it was in good shape. We tweaked the copy for consistency with the new content.

Wrote new sections

Browsing through existing course descriptions, we gathered all the information to create compelling copy from scratch.

The Bucks team needed time to review each section and provide feedback. We set ourselves a timetable to guarantee everything got delivered on time, giving us room for changes if needed.

Worked to suit Bucks


Today, computers infiltrate all parts of our lives. With smart homes, connected cities and the advancements of VR, it’s only going to get more immersive. It also helps us chase our personal and professional dreams, so we can’t ignore its crucial importance.

The results

The Bucks team were all really positive about the new copy. We wanted to do their idea justice and we think we’ve achieved that. The prospectus has been really successful. The previous version was shortlisted for a Heist award, so fingers crossed for a win this time!

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