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Headlines and deadlines

Our free headline writing webinar on soundbite writing skills for B2B marketers

Thursday 29th July 2021, 12-1pm

More and more media channels demand more and more copy. From email to social, banners to billboards, B2B marketers face an uphill battle to supply headlines that make connections quickly.

Time is short. Deadlines loom. And, for B2B marketing teams, the pressure never seems to let up.

Headlines and Deadlines is our free, hi-intensity, one-hour workout. It’s perfect for B2B marketers who want to create snappy, memorable lines that connect and get results.

Headlines and Deadlines means you’ll never be:

  • Stuck for ideas or inspiration

  • Lost for words

  • Beaten by writer’s block

  • Struggle to write a great line

Discover how to create great lines quickly and painlessly.

For one hour at 12 o’clock on July 29th, you’ll enjoy a fast-paced session that gives you insight into how great copywriters create standout lines.

Your go-to stash of headline ideas

To write one great headline, you need to write hundreds. And you can’t do that if you’re stuck for ideas. In the course of an hour, you’ll discover how to build a toolkit of headline writing techniques including:

  • Nailing the story

  • Highlighting the benefit

  • Finding a crowd

  • Nudging the reader to action

  • Captivating rhythms

  • Using negatives to showcase a positive

Top 8 benefits of the day

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"Interesting refresh into writing copy and reaching your audience. Quick, easy and useful tips to use and apply in my work. Sparked my interest in copywriting again!"

Lydia Polom

Digital Marketing & Comms Coordinator, University of Essex

"Really enjoyed the workshop. Great ideas and tools that are useful in the future"

Satu Silvennoinen 

Events Admin, Capsticks

Who is Headlines and Deadlines for?

  • Marketers swamped by demands for copy

  • B2B sales teams who want to make a connection

  • In-house copywriters in need of inspiration

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This is a unique opportunity to learn an approach to creating great copy that will save you time and boost creativity.

If you think your team would benefit from a longer session on copywriting skill in general, check out our Sharper Copywriting pages.