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Western & Oriental

Selling a holiday depends on more than adjectives and clichés that take you ‘down the beaten track’. You need well-written brochures where the copy adds value to the pictures. Western and Oriental decided to give their brochures a face-lift - and that meant new content too.

The challenge

From the glorious sun in the Caribbean to the snowy peaks of the Himalayas, Western and Oriental cover the globe – in style. With each region, there’s a brochure. And each brochure has around 100 pages. We were looking at a big project and very tight deadlines. As well as organisation and word wizardry, we needed imagination and initiative.

What we did

Tone of voice

We developed a new tone of voice that removed the purple prose in favour of a more genuine style.

Shifted the emphasis

We focused on the experiences of the holidays rather than the physical features of the locations.

Slogged away

We wrote content for seven brochures, with over 70,000 words between them

Our tightest turnaround was a whole brochure in 10 days. Was it tricky? Yes. Did we manage? Of course.

Worked to the deadline


The results

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