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Creating competitive conference comms

Coupa’s annual Business Spend Management conference, Inspire, is a big deal. It’s a chance for the tech company’s prospective customers to meet the team, talk to other people using Coupa, and learn about what they can achieve with the platform. And it’s a way for current customers to get more out of their software through new insights and stories from their peers. The event comms have a lot to live up to.

The challenge

The business conference market is a competitive space and top executives can only find so much time and budget to commit. Coupa's annual conference has to work hard to cut through. The marketing team asked us to provide the persuasive comms for the months leading up to the event.

What we did

Captured the highlights

In a quest to promote all the exciting things happening, it can be tempting to include lots of information. But that’s overwhelming for readers. Our well-trained external eye could cut through the noise and focus on the key selling points.

Delivered quickly

With speaker confirmations and event updates coming in regularly, the planned campaign was constantly evolving. We were on standby to quickly update copy and create new emails based on the latest information.

Tailored to the audience

The audience was broad. Procurement, finance, treasury, supply chain and IT executives all have different aims and the email copy had to reflect that. With our years of experience working with Coupa, we knew what messages appealed to each of these professionals.

And more...

“The 1000M team are a pleasure to work with. Richard and Chris had a great grasp of our brand tone from the get-go and have made a pointed effort to develop and progress it further with each project. The team are collaborative and make briefing in projects easy work, even for last-minute jobs!”

Digital Marketing Manager EMEA


The results

We delivered each email on time, despite frequent last-minute changes to the campaign schedule. We refined the approach each time to make the process smoother. And the event itself? It was the tech firm’s biggest ever Inspire and a great success.

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