Creating a compelling customer journey

Across the pond, you don’t say the word Coupa. You whisper it, looking to the heavens in awe of the software platform’s omnipotence at controlling business spend. But here in Europe, people aren’t quite so evangelical - yet. Which is where we came in.

The challenge

Coupa’s prospects are C-suite executives at corporations with revenues in the billions - not the easiest people to get hold of. Many of them would have heard of Coupa, but the brand doesn’t have the same recognition as established players like SAP Ariba. We work with the EMEA team on various marketing and awareness campaigns across multiple cultures.

What we did

Direct mail concepts

One of our first briefs from Coupa was concepts for a mailing and letter targeted at hard to reach C-suite leaders.

Emails and InMails

We’re continually developing new email content to nurture prospects or reach existing clients with a range of think pieces and product news, as well as promoting their live and remote events.

Content marketing

Coupa are at the forefront of digital procurement. We help them craft the think-pieces and case studies that make the case for changing the way businesses think about managing their spend.


Not surprisingly, LinkedIn is a key medium for such a b2b service with an audience that’s so hard to reach. We develop posts and ads that capture Coupa’s bold, dynamic tone and cut through the clutter.

“The 1000M team are a pleasure to work with. Richard and Chris had a great grasp of our brand tone from the get-go and have made a pointed effort to develop and progress it further with each project. The team are collaborative and make briefing in projects easy work, even for last-minute jobs!”

Gus Forrester

Digital Marketing Manager EMEA



Using advanced mathematical algorithms to analyse vast numbers of supplier bids and business scenarios, sourcing optimization helps identify ‘optimal’ sourcing decisions.  And in doing so takes sourcing to the next level.


Savings are regularly measured in the millions but it also allows buyers to consider non-price elements such as service quality and environmental considerations before choosing the right solution.

The results

The Coupa EMEA team’s launch piece of DM was a great success in spreading awareness. Conference and event attendance continues to grow. And the Thousand Monkeys team are always on hand to tweak and improve emails and social posts at a moment’s notice, giving Coupa highly responsive marketing support.

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