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Sharper Writing for Customer Service

Customers demand better and better service. For many businesses, the great service they offer and the process they have in handling complaints is let down by the letters and emails they write.

We’ve helped customer service teams who want to know what best practice looks like and brands who want to get their tone of voice into response letters and emails.

We help teams:

  • End complaints quicker

  • Write confidently in a consistent style

  • Give customers a better experience of the brand

  • Encourage loyalty

"Really informative. Love the interaction, and a great pace"

Team Leader (Sales Order Team)

"Interactive, fun and informative."

Customer Advisor

At a glance

Module 1: Empathising with the customer

It’s common knowledge that understanding your customer is key to giving them customer service. But what does that sound like in words? You’ll examine customer frustrations and how we can deal with them in language.

We've run workshops for...

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