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Helping Imperial College share inspiring alumni stories 

Every year Imperial launch a new Alumni Awards programme to celebrate the outstanding achievements of its graduates. They share the personal story of each award winner to give an insight beyond their professional achievements. 

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The award submissions contained a lot of professional information, but much of the personal detail was lacking. We needed to speak to each award winner to tease out those personal stories and bring them to life.

What we did

Created questions for each winner

We carefully read each award submission and created an individual list of questions for each of the winners. We designed the questions to get them talking about the personal side of their story and what motivates them.

Interviewed the winners

We scheduled telephone interviews with each of the award winners, fitting around busy schedules and different time zones. Free-flowing conversation often leads to the most interesting anecdotes and everyone we spoke to had fascinating insights to share.

Brought their stories to life

We wrote a 1,500-word profile for each award winner, introducing their professional achievements and plans for the future with a personal slant. We also asked them to share their stories of life at Imperial and what it means to them to be part of the alumni community.

Injected their voice

Writing in an editorial style allowed us to bring their stories to life, using quotes from each winner to let their personalities shine through. Combining this style with fantastic visuals created compelling pieces which emphasised all the reasons why they were selected as a winner. 

“Thank you to you and the team for all your hard work on this project. We were really pleased to get them all finished and ready in such a short space of time."

Alumni Engagement Officer

Imperial College London

The results

The profiles now featured on the Alumni section of the Imperial website and some of the stories appeared in faculty newsletters to promote the awards ceremony. Imperial also plans to use these stories to encourage more nominations for its Alumni Awards in future.

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