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Nottingham Trent University

Bringing a voice to life for Nottingham Trent

As The Times Modern University of the Year, there are no doubts about Nottingham Trent University’s quality. But there were doubts about how to capture that in words. A new tone of voice was created to give teams confidence in delivering the right message and they asked us to help bring it to life with a series of workshops.


We’d run a series of workshops a few years ago, but there were a lot of new faces in the team and a lack of certainty on how to write the Nottingham Trent way. Although there was a printed guide, teams found it difficult to put theory into practice – or simply hadn’t had time to study the guide.

Even more experienced writers found that they were getting stuck or struggling to find new ways to write messages or copy they’d written several times before.

What we did

Developed a workshop

We brought the new tone to life with practical tips that helped teams refresh and revitalise their day-to-day writing.

Researched their comms

All our workshops benefit from extensive reading of a client’s existing comms to find examples that show where new techniques can make a difference.

Demonstrated the power of persuasion

As well as focusing on the new tone, we demonstrated a series of persuasive techniques that add value to copy and help boost results.

Built a copywriting toolbox

Our approach to copywriting is based on the idea that you, as a copywriter, need to build your own toolkit of go-to ideas to help you create fresh copy.

What they said

Really useful, especially being framed about our own brand guidelines and real work examples.

The results

Over 4 days we trained nearly 80 members of the marketing team in our day-long sessions.

The feedback was very positive:

  • On average the team gave the session
    a solid 9 out of 10 for usefulness.

  • And on average the team felt their copywriting skills had improved by
    over 30%.

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