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Sharper Emails

Despite the overwhelming volume of mails in our inboxes, email is still a powerful sales tool. But how do you stand out in the clutter?

We’ll help your team develop email journeys that keep your prospects engaged. We'll give them tips that are quick to apply, and turn emails destined for 'delete' into messages that nurture leads and boost registrations.

We help teams:

  • Create email journeys

  • Keep warm prospects interested

  • Boost open rates

  • Generate leads

  • Build a toolkit of techniques for engaging content

  • Give your service or event real sparkle

Find out how we helped Alfresco generate over 1,000 downloads

At a glance

Module 1: Creating compelling journeys

One email is never enough. How do you plan to tease, nurture and develop your prospects over a series of emails.

We'll look at how and why emails are skimmed and junked. And what you can do to generate more opens and clicks.

We've run workshops for...

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