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Shaper Sales Emails

Your audience’s inbox is flooded with your competitors trying to sell to them. Sometimes it seems impossible to fight through the noise and get your audience to listen to the benefits of your product or service.

We’ll give the team tips that are quick to apply, so they improve their emails immediately, reach more potential customers and achieve better results.

We help teams:

  • Boost open rates

  • Generate leads

  • Build a toolkit of techniques for your business

  • Effectively communicate the benefits of your product or service

Find out how we helped Alfresco generate over 1,000 downloads



At a glance

Module 1: Captivating subject lines

There’s a lot of advice around what works for a subject line. And it’s all contradictory.


We’ll share common-sense advice on subject line length and the techniques you can use to boost open rates. We’ll also cover how to avoid making your subject lines salesy, for when the soft sell is the right way to go.

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