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Sharper Business Writing

The business teams we work with are experts in their field, not writers. They often struggle to communicate their brilliant ideas when it comes to reports or presentations.


Our 5-step approach to business writing helps them conquer the blank page and create high-quality documents to tight deadlines – without stress. Which has got to be good for business.

We help teams:

  • Think of ideas that get better results

  • Write consistently and agree what “formal” writing sounds like

  • Save time and stress

  • Work better together with an agreed approach

  • Increase clarity

  • Guide junior colleagues’ writing more effectively

"Very useful and highly relevant. I think everyone in our firm should take this course."

Alpha FMC

QHSE Director of UK Services

"Excellent course, very enjoyable."

At a glance

Module 1: Think

We’ll show how the right kind of thought up front saves a great deal of cut, paste and error. We’ll learn how to make readers tick, create single-minded messages and use benefits to keep people interested.

We've run workshops for...

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