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Sharper Copywriting

Don’t just meet deadlines, smash them. We’ll show you what it takes to create brilliant copy that engages and persuades. You’ll leave this workshop feeling inspired. Being stuck will be a thing of the past. You’ll learn how to push buttons in style.

We help teams:

  • Think of brilliant ideas – even when they’re faced with tight deadlines

  • Feel inspired with a new bunch of techniques

  • Understand what it takes to write persuasively

  • Add great words to their design

Find out how we helped Arts Council England

"Very engaging and relevant - tips to try out immediately!"

Communications Officer
Arts Council England

A very interesting and thought-provoking session. I'll certainly be putting some of the techniques into practice.

Marketing Manager

We've run workshops for...

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University of Bath.png
Imperial College London.png
Simon & Schuster.png

At a glance

Module 1: What makes readers tick and message stick?

What are readers really like? We’ll show you how to get under their skin more effectively with persuasive copy techniques ranging from better benefits to irresistible behavioural triggers. By building a toolkit of ideas, you’ll never be short of ways to engage your audience.

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