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Sharper Copywriting for Universities

How do you find the words (and the time)?

For university marketers, the mountain of demands for copywriting grows bigger by the day.

There are compelling course descriptions to write, social content to keep sharing, endless emails to send, and a new tone of voice to master. Not to mention headlines for open days and recruitment campaigns.

Which is why we created Sharper Copywriting for Universities. The training is designed specifically to help you deal with challenges in HE comms and become a deadline-beating, impact creating, copywriting superstar.

Who is this workshop for?

  • University marketing teams swamped by demands for more comms

  • HE copywriters who want to create more persuasive copy

  • Recruitment teams who want to stand out from the pack

  • Alumni marketers looking for fresh ways to connect with donors and graduates 

Sharper Copywriting for Universities – now online.

Sharper Copywriting for Universities gives teams the tools they need to reduce the stress of hitting deadlines – and improve the creative impact of their copy.

We’ve run the workshop in universities across the UK. And now we’re getting great feedback running the sessions online. You can read how we helped the team at the University of Hertfordshire master their tone of voice and headline writing.

Key benefits

  • Techniques help teams become more productive and more creative 

  • Less stress helps boost productivity

  • Handle a wider range of copy challenges with confidence

  • Get higher levels of engagement from internal and external stakeholders

James Horrocks, Content Engagement Coordinator
King's College London

"Very useful - lots of great tips and advice to take away. The most relevant copywriting training I've been on."

Tailored to your team

Based on our popular Sharper Copywriting workshop, we can tailor the sessions to match your particular challenges with dedicated modules on course descriptions, tone of voice, emails and headlines.

One lump or two?

We typically suggest a one-day session to cover the most common challenges. The beauty of training over Zoom or Teams is that we can split these into two shorter sessions, or whatever combination of times suits you.

Lots to do as well as learn

Jenn Rowater, Alumni Comms Manager
Imperial College London

"Great! Really focused, lots of useful tips."

We believe practice makes perfect. The modules will take your team through the principles and theory of great copywriting. Then we’ll ask them to put the new learning into practice with fun, bite-sized exercises.

The exercises have most benefit using real copy examples, so we ask all participants to bring something along - giving the team a chance to work on live projects. 

Choose from these modules:

Module 1: What makes readers tick and message stick?

We’ll examine what readers are like, how they scan text and how to get under their skin more effectively. We’ll look at modern reading habits and how they relate to different audiences. Whether you’re talking to school-leavers or department heads, we’ll show how sketching their persona will help focus your writing and appeal to their selfish side.


Outcomes: more buy-in, snappier beginnings, more engagement, higher click-throughs, and better results.

Next steps

Talk to us! We’ll discuss your challenges and how we can use this workshop to boost your team’s copywriting skills.

We like to base the workshops on real examples, so we’ll ask to see a range of different comms from the team. This helps us identify strengths and weaknesses and we’ll base the workshop around those.

If you have a tone of voice, we can shape the session around your values. And, if not, we can start exploring how it might help.

Most of all, we need a date. These workshops book up months in advance. But as soon as we have a date in the diary, we can get started preparing your session.

For more details, email Joanna Crutcher on

We've run workshops for...

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