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Sharper Skills: online mentoring

Everyone can write. But it takes confidence to write well.

Give your marketers and copywriters the boost they need with bespoke online mentoring from our experts. Together we’ll work through a piece of copy, whether that’s a fundraising letter, newsletter, sales email or something else. We’ll share how to make it more effective – covering everything from accessibility to tone of voice.

We help marketers:

  • Think about audiences and what drives them

  • Understand the tools and techniques used by professional copywriters

  • Inject their organisation’s tone of voice into their writing

  • Cut out the waffle and focus on the message

  • Transform a piece of copy from good enough to great

"The opportunity to improve any given piece of writing I was working on was so useful and Richard's ability to find positive ways to get more out of everything was just invaluable."

At a glance

Step 1: identify who needs support

Need a one-off online session for one member of your team? No problem. Have a whole cohort of interns with no previous experience? Leave it to us. A senior leader needs a series of sessions to soften their style? We’ve got that covered too.

We've run mentoring sessions for:

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