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University of Portsmouth – nurture campaign

Applying to university is a marathon not a sprint. Keeping prospects engaged through that journey depends on regular emails with fresh stories. The University of Portsmouth asked us to revitalise their content and persuade more potential students to make the University their first choice.

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Applicants usually hold offers from several universities, which means their inbox are flooded with emails from each one. The University of Portsmouth wanted to make sure their emails stand out, so they’re opened, read and actioned.

The content needed to be useful and informative, but also engaging. Our task was to make sure every email should leave students feeling intrigued to find out more about what the University offers and inspire them to join in the next academic year.

What we did

Reviewed copy

We looked at each email in the journey to identify opportunities to engage students and apply the University’s tone of voice values. 

Revamped the journey

Based on the review, we worked out copywriting magic on the emails. Some only needed a bit of work while others needed restructuring to highlight the key messages.

Added value

We made the subject lines, headers and call-to-action buttons more compelling to encourage opens and clicks throughs.

Made SMS messages consistent

We reviewed the current copy and tweaked each message to make sure they were in line with the emails.

The results

A set of 12 engaging emails and 12 SMS messages that helped develop the nurture journey for students thinking of applying to the university.  The new tone of voice helped bring them alive. And Portsmouth now have a library of nurture messaging they can use to keep prospective students warm over the application cycle.

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Friendlier copy

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