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The most valuable copy you'll ever create

Websites, social media ads, newspapers, packaging, billboards… people are bombarded with brands every day. A clear positioning is the only way to stand out in the minds of your audiences. 

We help B2B and B2C brands use words more effectively, turning complex products and services into relatable and memorable stories. We ask the hard questions that will uncover engaging and powerful ways to position your business.

Sale Branding

Nail that story and power up your content

Investing in strong positioning copy is something you'll get huge value out of. It can inform all your messaging, be the basis of your 'about us' page, open presentations or press releases and more. And, if your key players are involved in approving the story, you'll have a more universal agreement on what the brand or institution stands for.

How we work with you

Define what you need

Positioning work is valuable in itself, but it helps to have an end goal in sight. Do you want to define your mission and vision or create a manifesto? Perhaps you want a comprehensive strategy document to print or a short brand narrative for your website. We’ll work with you to refine the brief.

Gather intelligence

We’ll find out as much as we can about your brand and the environment you’re in. The more we understand about your strengths, the more likely it is we’ll be able to find the words that reflect them. We’ll look at competitors, interview your experts, run workshops with staff, and read as many documents as you can send our way.

Provide options

Capturing your brand in words takes a bit of trial and error. We’ll present multiple options, from conservative to bold, short to long, focusing on different themes we identified in our research.

Narrow down the choice

You tell us which option is closest to the mark and where it’s not quite right. We’ll take on board the feedback from you and your stakeholders and refine your favourite option until we’ve got something everyone can be happy with.

Apply it

Throughout the process, we’ll always be thinking of practical applications for the positioning work. We can provide examples of the narrative applied to different content, for example a website “about us” page or an inspiring sign for your office wall.

How to use your positioning statement

Strategic documents

From manifestos to mission statements, your strategic work will be much easier with a clear position to work from. A positioning statement can inspire all your important documents.


You’ve developed a position statement everyone agrees on. But if your products don’t match who you want to be? Time to rethink your offer.

Key areas of copy

Your homepage and ‘about us’ pages need to instantly reflect your brand personality. Use the positioning copy to make sure your messages are spot on.

Further brand work

A positioning statement can define your whole organisation. It’s a key building block in everything from tone of voice guidelines to brand accent colours.

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